Rotterdam Convention on the Prior Informed Consent Procedure for Certain Hazardous Chemicals and Pesticides in International Trade

Australian Treaty Series Number[2004] ATS 22
Done at Place and Date Rotterdam, 09/10/1998
Short TitleRotterdam Convention, PIC Convention
Treaty Status (General) In Force
Treaty Status (Australia) In Force , Entered into force generally in accordance with Article 26 (1), following the deposit of the fiftieth instrument of ratification, acceptance, approval or accession.
Agreement Type Multilateral
Status List Site
Subject of Treaty Hazardous Waste ENVIRONMENT & RESOURCES
Australian Signature for Multilaterals at Place and DateNew York, 07/06/1999
Tabling Dates (Reps)09/09/2003
Tabling Dates (Senate)09/09/2003
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JSCOT Report NumberNot applicable  
Entry into Force Generally, Date and Conditions02/24/2004
Entry into Force for Australia, Date and Conditions08/18/2004, In accordance with Article 26 (2).
Treaty Acceptance
1. Action and Date Ratification, 05/20/2004
1. Done at and Date
2. Action and Date
Treaty Withdrawal
1. Action and Date
2. Action and Date
Registered with UN05/20/2004, 39973, ex officio.
Other Series Numbers and Reference to Text[1998] ATSD 4619; ILM 38 p1;
Amendments to Treaty and NotesAmendments to Annex III - [2006] ATS 3, and Additional Annex VI - [2005] ATS 9, adopted 24 Sepember 2004. Amendment to Annex III, adopted 27-31 October 2008, entry into force for all Parties on 1 February 2009.
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