United Nations Framework convention on Climate Change

Australian Treaty Series Number[1994] ATS 2
Done at Place and Date New York, 05/09/1992
Treaty Status (General) In Force
Treaty Status (Australia) In Force
Agreement Type Multilateral
Status List Site
Subject of Treaty Climate Change
Australian Signature for Multilaterals at Place and DateRio de Janeiro, 06/04/1992
Entry into Force Generally, Date and Conditions03/21/1994
Entry into Force for Australia, Date and Conditions03/21/1994
Treaty Acceptance
1. Action and Date Ratification, 12/30/1992
1. Done at and DateNew York
2. Action and Date
Treaty Withdrawal
1. Action and Date
2. Action and Date
Registered with UN
Other Series Numbers and Reference to Text[SD4010],; UNTS 1771 p107 ILM 31 p849;
Amendments to Treaty and NotesAmendments to List in Annex I done at Kyoto, 11 Dec 1997, eif 13 Aug 1998
Last Updated07/29/2002