Cartagena Protocol on Biosafety to the convention on Biological Diversity

Done at Place and Date Montreal, 01/29/2000
Treaty Status (General) In Force
Treaty Status (Australia) Not Yet in Force
Agreement Type Multilateral
Status List Site
Subject of Treaty ENVIRONMENT & RESOURCES Biodiversity
Australian Signature for Multilaterals at Place and Date
Entry into Force Generally, Date and Conditions09/11/2003, entry into force following ratification by 50 countries
Entry into Force for Australia, Date and ConditionsAustralia not a Party
Treaty Acceptance
1. Action and Date
2. Action and Date
Treaty Withdrawal
1. Action and Date
2. Action and Date
Registered with UN
Other Series Numbers and Reference to TextILM 39 p1027
Amendments to Treaty and Notes
Last Updated03/26/2010